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ZEN Aurora series Ultrasonic Diffuser- Light Wood (ZN-60012-LW)

ZEN Aurora series Ultrasonic Diffuser- Light Wood (ZN-60012-LW)

If you're looking for a high-quality ultrasonic diffuser that can not only improve the air quality of your living space but also helps you relax and de-stress, then the ZEN Aurora series Ultrasonic Diffuser - Light Wood is an excellent choice.
It is an essential oil diffuser and humidifier all rolled into one, and it is designed to provide a soothing and calming atmosphere in any room you place it in.

Product Advantages

  • Stylish Design: The ZEN Aurora series Ultrasonic Diffuser - Light Wood has a sleek and modern design that will complement any interior decor. It is made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity, and its light wood finish adds a touch of natural elegance to any room.
  • Large Capacity: With a water tank capacity of 300ml, this diffuser can run for up to 8 hours continuously. It also features an auto shut-off function, which ensures safety when the water runs out.
  • Easy to Use: This diffuser is straightforward to use. You only need to add water and a few drops of your favourite essential oils, and you're good to go. It also has a simple control panel that lets you adjust the mist output and set the timer.
  • Humidifies the Air: This diffuser can also function as a humidifier, adding moisture to the air and improving the overall air quality in your living space. This feature is especially beneficial during the dry winter months when the air tends to be drier.
  • Multiple Lighting Options: The ZEN Aurora series Ultrasonic Diffuser - Light Wood features seven different lighting options that can be cycled through or set to your favourite colour. The LED lights are not too bright, making it a great night light option.

Tips for Using the Product

  • Clean Regularly: It is essential to clean your diffuser regularly to ensure that it functions optimally. Use a soft cloth and mild detergent to wipe the inside of the tank and the exterior of the diffuser.
  • Choose the Right Essential Oils: Choose essential oils that suit your needs, preferences, and mood. Lavender oil is great for relaxation, while peppermint oil is perfect for boosting energy and concentration.
  • Experiment with Blends: You can mix different essential oils to create a unique blend that suits your preferences. Try blending lavender and bergamot for a relaxing and calming atmosphere or peppermint and lemon for an energising and refreshing aroma.
  • Use Distilled Water: It is recommended to use distilled water when filling up your diffuser to avoid mineral buildup and extend its lifespan.
  • Place it in the Right Spot: Place your diffuser on a stable surface that is level and away from direct sunlight or heat sources. It is also essential to ensure that the diffuser is not too close to the wall, which can obstruct the mist and reduce its effectiveness.

The ZEN Aurora series Ultrasonic Diffuser - Light Wood is an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve the air quality and ambience of their living space.
Its sleek and modern design, large capacity, ease of use, and multiple lighting options make it a versatile and practical addition to any home.
By following the tips for using the product, you can get the most out of your diffuser and enjoy all its benefits.
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