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Philips 800 Series Air Purifier (AC0819/10)

Philips 800 Series Air Purifier (AC0819/10)

Purifies the air in less than 16 mins

With just one push of a button, the air purifier filters the invisible viruses, allergens or pollutants in your home, to keep it clean and safe.
It purifies quickly and effectively, thanks to its clean air delivery rate


Min. sound level (Sleep mode): 19 dB
Automatic mode - Yes
Cord length: 1.6 m
Sleep mode - Yes
Manual speed settings: 2 (Sleep, Turbo)
Air quality feedback: Color ring
Auto-ambient light - No
Max. sound level (Turbo mode): 49 dB (7)

Energy efficiency

Max. power consumption: 20 W
Stand-by power consumption: 0.5 W
Voltage: 220-240 V


Replacement filter HEPA: HEPA filter FY0194 - 12 months


CADR (Particle, GB/T): 190 m³/h
Room size (NRCC): Up to 49 m²
Filtration: HEPA, Prefilter
Air quality sensor(s): PM2.5 particle
Particle filtration: 99.5 at 0.003 microns
Allergens filtration: 99.99
Virus & aerosol filtration: 99.9

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