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Love Is In The Airfyer

Love Is In The Airfyer

Welcome to the culinary revolution with the Russell Hobbs RHAFP09 Super Nova 9L Airfryer, an innovative appliance designed to transform your cooking experience.
Say goodbye to traditional frying methods and embrace a healthier way to enjoy your favourite dishes.

Healthy Cooking:
Utilizes hot air circulation to cook, reducing fat content by up to 80% while preserving delicious flavours.

Versatile Capacity:
Boasting a super-large 9L pot, it can cook two chickens and sides simultaneously, perfect for large families.

Compact and Powerful:
The Super Nova is both compact and powerful, making it a secret weapon in your kitchen arsenal.

Less Oil, Same Delicious Taste:
Prepare your favourite fried meals with minimal oil, resulting in less fat and fuss without compromising on taste.

Beyond air frying, the Super Nova can also fry, bake, grill, dehydrate, and roast with its spacious 25L Air Fryer Oven.

Tips for Using the Product

Preheat for Optimal Results:
Preheat the air fryer before placing your food to ensure even and efficient cooking.

Use a Light Coating of Oil:
While the Super Nova requires less oil, a light coating enhances the crispiness of your dishes.

Rotate and Shake:
Periodically rotate or shake the basket for uniform cooking and a perfect finish.

Experiment with Recipes:
Get creative!
Try a variety of recipes to explore the full potential of your Super Nova.

Easy Cleaning:
Clean the removable parts promptly for hassle-free maintenance and longevity.

Elevate your cooking game with the Russell Hobbs RHAFP09 Super Nova 9L Airfryer.
From its healthy cooking benefits to its versatile capacity and compact design, this appliance is a game-changer.
Don't miss out—experience a new era of delicious and guilt-free meals.

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